About Catey

Catey is a partner owned firm specialised in advising private and corporate clients on stock option plans, deferred compensation and asset management.

We help our clients in their periodic wealth creation, from grant to vesting to exercise and investing the proceeds.

We assist employees who participate in equity based compensation plans in protecting these assets from a number of risks and exposures.


For more than 20 years we have analysed U.S. stock option plans of Fortune 500 companies. This has given us an unrivalled knowledge in our field.

We advise our clients to execute their grants in such a way giving them optimal benefits often built into their corporate plans.

Want to know more?

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For U.S. companies with operations in Switzerland, we implement a proven education process that informs on the risks and obligations associated with holding U.S. based assets:

  • We make an extensive analysis of the employee’s U.S. situs assets
  • We assist in the relocation of transferable assets to the employee’s domicile country
  • We offer alternatives for the protection of the non-transferable assets in the U.S.; consistent with the company’s stock plan rules and applicable tax laws